Conference on Science and Religion

This event is jointly organized by Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University (Belfast, N. Ireland).
2 - 3 September, 2020


Wednesday, 2 September

10-11am David Glass (Ulster University), “Conjunctive Explanations”

David Livingstone (Queen's University, Belfast), “The Telos of Darwin’s Troubling Metaphor: Darwin’s Pigeons, Dennett’s Cranes, Fodor’s Granny”
Discussant: Rope Kojonen (University of Helsinki)

Rope Kojonen (University of Helsinki), “Evaluating the Darwinian case Against Conjunctive Explanations”
Discussant: David Livingstone (Queen's University, Belfast)
1-2pm Lunch 

Aku Visala (University of Helsinki), “Free Will, Causality, and Conjunctive Explanations”
Discussant: Tasia Scrutton (University of Leeds)

Tasia Scrutton (University of Leeds), “Psychopathology and Genuine Religious Experience?”
Discussant: Aku Visala (University of Helsinki)


Thursday, 3 September


Joanna Leidenhag (University of St. Andrews), “God, Consciousness, and Conjunctive Explanations”
Discussant: Tom McLeish (University of York)

Tom McLeish (University of York), “Complementary Causation – a Substrate for Conjunctive Explanations”
Discussant: Andrew Torrance (University of St. Andrews)

Andrew Torrance (University of St. Andrews), “A Conjunctive Explanation of Christian Faith”
Discussant: Joanna Leidenhag (University of St. Andrews)
1-2pm Lunch 

Gijsbert van den Brink (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), “Are Theological Explanations Superfluous? The Cognitive Science of Religion and Occam’s Razor”
Discussant: Alister McGrath (University of Oxford)

Alister McGrath (University of Oxford), “An Explanatory Mosaic: Conjunctive Explanations in Science and Religion”
Discussant: Gijsbert van den Brink (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
4-5pm Closing Discussion